4th Meeting in Berlin

4th Meeting in Berlin

The fourth project meeting was held on 15-16 September 2020 in Berlin, instead of Budapest due to the development of the pandemic in Hungary.

Unfortunately, precisely due to the increase in infections in their country, the staff of the Hungarian partner IKTE was unable to attend the meeting in Berlin, as they would have been forced to 14 days of quarantine.

In any case, the Hungarian friends connected via skype and followed the activities on a virtual basis, actively participating in all the decisions taken during the meeting in Germany.

The Berlin meeting was organized by the German partner CRN in a coworking center in the city center where the distancing and control of the gatherings of people could be ensured.

Obviously, the participants have always respected all the safety standards established at European level in order to reduce the risk of contagion and some of them even underwent the swab before leaving for Germany in order to reassure the other fellow partners with whom they would soon be met in Berlin

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